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Who are we?

We are a leading plumbing company consisting of highly skilled and experienced plumbing experts. We are located in the heart of Marrickville.

We specialise in drainage and other plumbing services. Our plumber in Marrickville uses the latest technology in our work with state of the art equipment. This expertise has helped us build a reputable plumbing company since we offer efficient and cost effective services. Our dedication and commitment to serve our clients in the most satisfactory way has earned us a lot of positive feedback and there’s no single plumbing work we can’t handle.


Mainline Plumbing Solutions offer exactly what is in our name – solutions. Our plumbers are fully qualified and trained to handle any type of job, whether it’s fixing a leaking tap or installing new systems. We are committed to delivering the most reliable and efficient service, without compromising on quality or safety.

Our services include:

Hot water system installation and repair, Blocked drains clearing, Taps and toilet fitting, repairs and maintenance, Gas fitting and repairs, Pipe relining, Burst pipes, Leakage detection, Toilet repairs and replacement, Leakage repair, General plumbing services, Emergency plumbing







Why Us?

We are professional plumbers

We are a licensed and insured plumbing company as required by the law, so you don’t have to go risking around without an insurance cover for our staff. Our plumber in Marrickville is qualified to handle any plumbing services ranging from commercial installations, drainage to residential repairs.

Guaranteed workmanship

To assure you of high quality work, we have signed warranty. Therefore if you are not satisfied with our workmanship service, we will come back and do the repairs free of charge.

Emergency response

We have an emergency response team. As a matter of fact we work for 24 hours a day throughout the year. We are readily available even during the holidays should you need our services. We know that emergency plumbing work can come up when we least expect.

Reasonable charges

We aim to provide the best plumbing services in Marrickville which will give our customers value for money.

don’t put it off any longer

Give us a call to avail the services of the best plumbers in the area.


What are the services offered by Mainline Plumbing Solutions in Marrickville?

As a leading plumbing company, we have highly skilled and experienced plumbing experts. Our plumber in Marrickville uses the latest technology in our work with state of the art equipment. We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services and are committed to delivering the most reliable and efficient service, without compromising on quality or safety. Our services include

  • Gas Fitting
  • Leak Detection
  • Blocked Drains
  • Hot Water Repairs/Installation
  • Rennovations
  • Tap & Toilet Repairs
What Is Safe to Put in My Garbage Disposal?

One of the common misconceptions about garbage disposals is that you should use hot water while running the disposal. As the hot water softens or melts fats and greases, it may lead to plumbing issues. Later it can harden further down in the pipes at inconvenient locations, causing blockages. It is better to run cold water in the first place and flush fats and greases down in chunks. You can put almost all food waste into the disposals, but try to avoid husks, shells, and high-fiber foods that can get stuck. Never put non-food garbage in the disposal.

What Temperature Should I set My Water Heater?

The temperature of the water heater must be adjusted to accommodate the size of your family. If you notice that you run out of hot water in the mornings, you can raise the temperature on your water heater slightly. The recommended temperature of your water heater is 1200F which is typically the manufacturer’s default setting. Remember, overloading your water heater can lead to abnormal wear and could pose a potential danger. If you experience any issue related to your water heater, then it is better to contact an emergency plumber in Marrickville to deal the issue

Why do we run out of hot water so quickly?

Depending on the type and age of your water heater, there are various reasons you run out of hot water so quickly, and a few reasons are mentioned below.

  • Electric water heaters commonly have two heating elements, one on top and one on the bottom.   If either of these elements stops working, you may experience issues in getting hot water.
  • There is a reset button that could have been tripped causing the water heater to stop working.   If that reset button has tripped, that is an indicator that something is wrong.

You may need the help of professionals to deal these issues.

Why does the toilet keep running?

It is one of the most common asked plumbing questions. The main reason is that the flap in the bottom of the tank isn’t sealing shut. Take the top off the tank and flush the toilet while watching the rubber flap. If it does not close completely, the water entering in the tank may flow out through the unsealed flap, and therefore, the water continues to run because the float ball trigger is never activated to stop the flow since water never reaches the fill line. That’s why jiggling the handle works to stop the running. It’s attached to the rubber flap with a chain, and jiggling it will reposition the flap so that it may seal more securely. You can hire an experienced Marrickville plumber to handle this situation.