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We are a team of skilled plumbers who provide plumbing solution in the entire area of Leichhardt. If you have urgent plumbing work in your residential or commercial place, worry no more. We are the right people for the job. We are your honest and reliable plumbers located in the heart of Sydney.


Mainline Plumbing Solutions offer exactly what is in our name – solutions. Our plumbers are fully qualified and trained to handle any type of job, whether it’s fixing a leaking tap or installing new systems. We are committed to delivering the most reliable and efficient service, without compromising on quality or safety.

Our services include:

Unblocking drainage system, Gas and hot water pipes repairs and installation, burst pipes, leakage detection, leaking taps and pipes, and more.







Why rely on us for all your plumbing needs:

We are well equipped with sophisticated tools and skills to offer professional plumbing services efficiently and effectively.

Tidy and qualified plumbers

Our plumber in Leichhardt has skills and experience required to handle all sorts of work. We also leave our working area clean and tidy before we leave the premises.

Quick Response

We respond promptly to your calls and take the shortest time to get to your location. We also have an emergency plumber in Leichhardt on standby available at any hour of the day to provide quick services. We appreciate the fact that this plumbing work can occur at odd hours of the night. Our dedicated team works 24/7 all year round.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction and provide the best service here in Leichhardt, so we leave you happy and satisfied. This has earned us positive feedback from our clients.

Reasonable Pricing

Our charges are reasonably affordable where we ensure complete transparency since we have no hidden charges. These charges vary depending on the nature of the work.

All round plumbing solutions

We provide high standards of plumbing services for your business or home. This ranges from installation, repairs and providing advice on designing your kitchen and bathroom.

don’t put it off any longer

We are just a call away to address all your plumbing needs. Contact us now.


What is the reason my bathroom sink, tub and kitchen sink drains get clogged?

Bathroom Sink Drains

In bathroom, the oil residue from the shampoos, soap, and hair will get into the sink and clogs the drain.

Bathroom Tub Drains

Same like bathroom sink, bathroom tub drains deal with a lot of soap and hair as well. Due to this, the tub drains clog easily if you aren’t careful in maintaining it.

Kitchen Sink Drains

Usually in kitchen people don’t take care of what they put into the drain, and this careless behaviour causes the drain to clog every once in a while.

To avoid your drains getting clogged, it’s recommended to avoid throwing things that block the drains, keep it clean and maintain it regularly with a bio-clean drain cleaner recommended by plumber in Leichhardt.

My toilet is sluggish. What should I do for that?

Sluggish flow can result from a problem with the flush mechanism, restricted flow between the tank and bowl, a blockage in the waste line or even poor venting.

First, buy the things which you will need to troubleshoot sluggish flushing, they are

  • Toilet auger
  • Plunger
  • Garden hose
  • Ladder
  • Paper clip
  • Sewer auger
  1. With the help of plunger that fits inside your toilet waste opening, plunges the toilet. By doing this, the plunger will probably remove partial waste. This technique will work if the sluggish flushing is caused by a partial waste blockage.
  2. If you hear gurgling sounds nearby your drains, go on the roof and clear debris from the vent opening. This is because, the gurgling sounds mean there isn’t enough air in the waste lines to allow water to flow freely. So this technique will help to remove the slug in such case.
  3. Shorten the chain holding it to the flush handle, if your toilet flapper didn’t rise vertically while flushing.
  4. With a straightened-out paper clip, clean the water inlet holes around the rim of the bowl. This is because; the holes can get blocked with mineral deposits.
Why is my water heater running out of hot water faster than normal?

This problem is usually caused due to the lack of water heater maintenance. But don’t panic, it can be easily fixed.

The water heaters have two elements to heat the water; they are top and lower element.

If the lower element of the heater doesn’t work properly, but the top element has been working well, the portion of the tank will be being heated, and there will be chances of running out of hot water rapidly. But, if your top portion of the heater doesn’t work, then there will not be any supply of hot water.

The best solution for this problem is, just press the reset bottom on your water heater. But in case, if the reset button is tripped, switch off the heater and call the emergency plumber Leichhardt immediately. It indicates that your water heater has some serious problem.

How to increase water pressure in an upstairs water heater?

Usually the water heater in the basement will get enough water pressure, and so the water flow will be good. But, when the water heads upstairs drops its pressure due to the vertical climb and doesn’t have proper flow. The best remedy for this problem is, buying a pressure gauge and attaching it to a hose bib close to the incoming water line. This increases the water pressure in upstairs and gives the proper flow of water like the basement heater.

Another option: Fix the high-pressure shower heads, which gives higher pressure stream of water even at the low pressure.

How to stop running water in the toilet?

It’s a simple task; you don’t need any special tools to fix the issue. This work can be accomplished within an hour. Follow the 4 steps given below by Leichhardt plumber; so, you can solve 95% of these problems.

Step 1: Checking the fill tube

Check the fill tube and push it firmly onto the fill valve. Make sure the fill tube sends water into the overflow tube.

Step 2: Adjusting the Fill Height

Check and adjust the float to set the water level, until the water shuts off at the proper level.

Step 3: Adjusting the Flapper Chain

To leave a little slack with the flapper closed, adjust the flapper chain.

Step 4: Replacing the Flapper

Change the old flapper and replace it with a new one, which should be the same brand and size.